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Perian Elvellon Dilthen

My little halfling elf-friend.

October is without a doubt my favourite month. Even Florida is almost TOLERABLE this time of year - the air cools, there's a persistent aroma of well-seasoned wood burning in fireplaces and backyard pits around the neighborhood. It's cool enough to stand being outside for more than five minutes without risking third-degree burns and heatstroke, yet shoes are still optional. And the best part of all: Hallowe'en! Who couldn't love a day in which you can be, quite literally, anyone and anything your heart desires!? Hallowe'en is one day of the year dedicated to fun and frivolity - without the awful pseudo-sentimentality of Christmas!

This year, E is old enough to have a bit of fun! Of course, he's not old enough yet to tell ME what he wants to be, so this year it's all about what Mama wants! And Mama wanted to be Galadriel, Lady of Rivendell, this year, so E gets to be... a Hobbit!

This was my first major sewing project. I can't really consider the T-Shirt surgeries "major"... they were just too easy. The one dress I made for myself was pretty simple, in retrospect. It seemed much harder because that's what I used to learn how to use my machine.


The handmade portions of this costume are the waistcoat, the trousers (both made from fabric I received in a huge batch of quilting scraps and sundry via Freecycle [Thanks, Ann!]), and the cloak, made from the leftovers of the aforementioned halter dress. The leaf pin (which I ADORE) was found at the local Goodwill thrift store.

E's favourite part? No hat, no shoes! And Mama lets him play in the dirt. ^_^


MomlovesJason said...

OMG! I love it. It came out fantastic! I Love the no shoes not hat part and I know E does too. Soon enough they wil be asking to be spongebob...just this week Jason tried to get me to buy this Dora boots at Ross.

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