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Chocolate Strawberry Pancakes

I was unsure what to submit as my first blog post, but lo and behold, E delivers.

I hope this blog will be at least mildly entertaining to someone - though it is truly set up as a release for me. I've never been good at keeping a diary, but with the sudden loss of a social site I am a longtime member of, I had to turn somewhere. Here I am!

This morning, after waking early to pick J up from the shop and realizing I was too wired to go back to bed, I decided it was a good morning for pancakes.

Then, it was a good morning for CHOCOLATE CHIP pancakes - because I'm really a five year old trapped in a grownup's body. Bisquick (yep, I cheat. Pancakes are NOT my forté) eggs, milk, chocolate chips. I set the bowl on E's high chair tray and let him stir the mix a little. Like a little chef, he stirs, lifts the spoon, tastes it, then starts throwing in the strawberries I had previously used to pacify him.

At first, I thought "Oh, no!" but then, Mom-brain kicked in. Aww... my little man's helping. So what if the pancakes are kinda mushy in places? these are E's pancakes.

And he rather loved them. ^_^


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